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Office Address:
6323 N Avondale Ave., Suite 102
Chicago, Illinois 60631

Phone: 773-594-1923
Fax:     773-594-1924

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Lake County
  • Cook County
  • DuPage County

Welcome to Chicago Elite Homecare, Inc.

image ContentThank you for choosing Chicago Elite Homecare, Inc. to be your provider of home care solutions. Staying at home is now very possible and very convenient. It is also affordable and reduces the stress associated with caregiving for an elderly or disabled family member.

Find more time to spend with your family, maintain your exercise routine, travel, visit friends, and simply enjoy all of those things that bring balance to your life. With our home care services to support you, you can maintain a quality life for yourself and your family. Chicago Elite Homecare, Inc. delivers state-of-the-art home care services with identified centers of excellence. We help families stay connected. You are never alone.

image ContentWe can help eliminate the distance between loved ones. Rest assured knowing your loved ones are being genuinely cared for while you’re away. Your parent’s health, care and comfort are our first priorities. We provide constant and open communication with you as care services progress. Working towards your best health possible, you will experience the difference that our staff at Chicago Elite Homecare, Inc. can bring into your home. Get to know more About Us.